Wedding RSVP Wording — Formal and Casual Wording You Will Love

wedding RSVP wording

Whether your wedding will be formal, casual, or something in between, it’s never a bad idea to include a custom wedding RSVP along with your invitations. A wedding RSVP will give your guests an easy means of contacting you. They will also fill you in on exactly who’s coming and how many guests to prepare for. If you’re wondering what your RSVP wording should consist of — here are a variety of wedding RSVP wording examples you can use for guidance.

Wedding RSVP Wording — Formal

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your wedding RSVP wording formal. People have been doing it for thousands of years, so why break the tradition now? Here are some formal wedding RSVP wording suggestions you can use to get your creative juices flowing. When composing wedding RSVP wording of your own, remember that formal text is typically written in the third person.

The favour of a reply is requested by the fifth of January

Name(s) _______________________

Will attend _______ Will not attend _______

wedding RSVP wording
Olive RSVP card with a white intricate frame by

We would be honored by your presence at our wedding ceremony.

The favour of your reply is requested by

July 4th, 2015

Name(s) _________________________

Kindly Accept ______ Regretfully Decline _______


We would appreciate your response on or before

March 11th

Name(s) _____________________

Accept _____        Decline____

wedding rsvp wording
Vintage white frame wedding RSVP by

The courtesy of  your reply is requested by

January 1st, 2015

Name(s) _______________________

I will attend_______  I will not attend ________


We would be pleased to be graced with your presence at our wedding ceremony



I will attend ____  I will not attend _____

wedding RSVP wording
White and brown wood-grain wedding RSVP by

Wedding RSVP Wording — Casual

If you find formal RSVP wording a bit stiff, then here are some casual wedding RSVP wording suggestions for you. Although formal wording is traditional, you by no means need to include it in your wedding RSVPs. Mainly because RSVPs are considered to be one of the least formal pieces of wedding stationery.

This is the case because wedding RSVPs are very brief; so it’s perfectly fine to have some fun with your wording for the sake of saving space and time. Also, many people don’t use RSVPs as the primary means of gathering guests’ reservations. Snail mail is the way of the past. We are living in the era of cell phones and internet — which have made written RSVPs less important (and formal) than they used to be.




Name(s) ___________________

Accept ______ Decline ________


Please reply by

the 24th of April


I will attend______ I will not attend_______

wedding rsvp wording
Modern green, white, and black wedding RSVP by

We would love for you to join us!

Please get back to us by



I’ll be there! _________ Can’t make it_________


We look forward to celebrating with you!

Please let us know if you can make it by


Name(s) _____________________

I’ll be there _________ I can’t make it __________

wedding RSVP wording
Gold metallic antique style wedding RSVP by

Can’t wait to party!

Let us know if you can join us by


Name(s) __________________

Can’t wait! Ready to party _________ Sorry! Can’t make it ____________


Will you be joining us for this special occasion?

Name(s) _________________

Yes _______ No _________

Please Respond by 11.11.2015

wedding RSVP wording
Western turquoise flourish RSVP by

Please respond by


Name(s) _______________________

Yes, I’ll be there __________ No, I will not attend ___________

Good Luck!

Hopefully you fuond these RSVP wording examples helpful. Have fun coming up with the perfect wording for your wedding RSVPs. If you need further inspiration, try browsing We have a plethora of great wording suggestions written upon our beautiful wedding RSVP designs. Remember to be creative and congratulations on the very special occasion!

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