10 Wedding Color Combinations That Will Make Your Big Day Gorgeous

Choosing a palette for your big day is one of the most important decisions you’ll make while planning your wedding. It will set the stage for decorations, table centerpieces, attire, and your wedding stationery. You’ll want to choose a color scheme that is classy, appropriate for the season, and reflective of you and your partner’s personality and tastes. Find the inspiration you’ll need to pinpoint the perfect palette with these 10 beautiful wedding color combinations.

wedding color combinations

1. Gray, Yellow, and White

This color combination works well for all seasons. Including yellow in your palette will add a shine of cheerfulness and warmth to your wedding — while gray and white will help add definition and balance to your palette. Choose this wedding color combination if you’re looking for a palette that will give your wedding a pleasant mix of formal and fun vibes.

wedding color combinations
An elegant yellow, gray, and white stationery set by WeddingPaperie.com.

If your wedding will take place in the summer or spring, opt for a fresh lemon yellow, slate gray, and white.

For a fall or winter wedding, consider going with a  deep amber colored yellow or a shimmery golden yellow paired with a silver or ash gray and a wintry white.

2. Cream, Black, and White

This color combination is perfect for a vintage or rustic themed wedding and it works well for all times of the year. This creamy mix of colors will really give your big day an earthy — yet classy feel.

Dress your bridesmaids in long and chic cream colored bridesmaids dresses, and consider opting for bouquets and boutonnieres filled with chocolate roses, white roses, and belles of Ireland.

3. Black and White

You can’t go wrong with a traditional palette of black and white. Although some may find this color scheme too traditional and maybe even boring — there are ways of putting a unique twist on this classic wedding color combo.

wedding color combinations
Black Monogram Wedding Invitation by WeddingPaperie.com.

You can make this wedding color combination extra special by dressing your bridesmaids in dramatic white and black dresses, holding a super sophisticated bouquet of white anemones, printing black and white wedding photos, and including classy accessories such as white pearls and soft black ostrich feathers in your boutonnieres, bouquets, and ensembles.

4. Green and White

A perfect palette for a spring or summer wedding, green and white are a fresh and lively mix of hues. Consider dressing your bridesmaid in cool mint or sea-foam green gowns. Adorn the grooms and groomsmen with simple green and white boutonnieres.

Fresh evergreen and and snow white will work lovely for a winter wedding. Olive green and a soft and creamy off-white will also work quite nicely for a fall or winter wedding.

5. Yellow, Pink, and Aqua

Not many people would think of this wedding color combination as classy, but it will surely add a lively splash of color to your big day. Opting for a colorful medley such as this will cast a glow of energy, beauty, and spirit on your wedding — an effect that plain and traditional palettes could never achieve.

wedding color combinations
Wedding color combinations: yellow, pink and aqua.

6. Pink, Gray, and Black

This romantic palette is formal and sophisticated — yet soft and sweet. A delicate color such as pink will coincide nicely along side masculine colors such as gray and  black.

Consider dressing your groomsmen in  jet black suits. Top the solid black suits off with powdery pink rose boutonnieres, gray ties, and gray silk handkerchiefs.  Bridesmaids will look lovely holding bouquets of pink roses, black ostrich feathers, and gray sage in long flowing pink or soft gray gowns.

7. Brown, Pink, and White

Brown, pink, and white is an earthy and romantic wedding color combination. If you’ed be willing to stray off the beaten path, this charming palette will give brides a chance to walk down the aisle in a pale pink gown (rather than a traditional white dress).

There are a number  of soft pink wedding gowns that are absolutely gorgeous. They will add a bit of color to your wedding and make your special day a bit more unique.

wedding color combinations
Best Day Ever Brown Wedding Invite by WeddingPaperie.com.

8. Turquoise, White, and Black

Turquoise is a very cheerful, clean, and energetic color. This elegant color will give your big a day a pop of color, while exhibiting sophistication and formality.

9. Red, Green, and White

Although this bright and festive palette is perfect for the holidays, it can also add color and charm to your spring or summer wedding as well. For a spring and summer wedding, considering going with burnt orange — instead of a traditional red — mint green, and bright white.

wedding color combinations
Wedding color combinations: red, green, and white.

10. Purple, Pink, and Black

For centuries purple has been associated with royalty and prestige. It’s a bold and bright hue that’s sophisticated — yet very colorful and fun.

There are many different shades of purple you can incorporate in your wedding colors. If you’re having your wedding at a winery or vineyard, consider opting for a deep Merlot or grape color. For a spring or summer wedding, powdery lavender and violets will work wonderfully.

wedding color combinations
Elegant purple floral enclosure card (part of a matching set) by WeddingPaperie.com.

Pink and black will accent purple well. Black will add a sense of formality and seriousness, while pink will add a degree of sweetness and femininity to the palette.

Good Luck Choosing Your Wedding Color Combinations

Hopefully these 10 wedding color combinations give you the inspiration you need to put together a timeless and unforgettable palette for your big day. Enjoy the experience of planning for your wedding and congratulations on this special milestone!

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