Creative Save the Date Photo Ideas

Recently engaged? Use these amazing save the date photo ideas to capture this special occasion. Don’t forget to add your photos to stylish save the dates on And if you’re interested in creating a save the date that lasts and doubles as a keepsake, consider creating a custom photo magnet save the date.

Taking The Plunge

Share your news in an exciting way — with photos of you and your fiance literally taking a plunge into the water, out of plane, or down a mountain.

save the date photo ideas
Modern blue save the date by — featuring a photo of a couple plunging into the water.

Take the pun deeper with an underwater photo shoot. This save the date photo idea is perfect for a daring duo interested in creating truly unique save the dates.

From the dreamy effect of weightlessness to the sparkly array of bubbles and placid blue backdrop, underwater shoots create surreal and magical snapshots. Check out this couple’s beautiful Hawaii underwater save the date photo shoot to learn more about this thrilling save the date photo idea.

save the date photo ideas
Modern monogram save the date by — featuring an underwater photo.

Although these save the date photo ideas may be extreme, the riveting experience will bring you and your fiance closer and result in a photo you’ll love and treasure forever.

Write It Down

There couldn’t be an easier way to make your save the date photos unique than with a creative DIY sign. You can make your signs out of anything. Use these simple ideas to get started.

Chalk Mural: There are a ton of up and rising chalk artists for hire. Consider commissioning one for your save the date photo shoot. Some artist specialize in 3D art — which would make a super unique and original backdrop for your save the date photo shoot.

Signs and Banners: If hiring a chalk artist is too much work for you, but you like the idea –keep things simple with DIY chalkboard signs. You can make a simple sign or create a customizable party banner online using PurpleTrail’s easy to use design center.

Learn how to make felt, burlap, and  paper banners online. After piecing your banner together, inscribe it with a romantic message or your wedding date.

save the date photo ideas
Modern save the date by — featuring a photo of couple at the beach, with a heart engraved in the sand.

Engravings: Engraving sand, snow, or a tree with a short love note or the date of your wedding is another way to make your save the date photos unique.

Marquee: Get in touch with your local theater and see if they would be willing to post a short message, along with the date of your wedding on their marquee. This idea will work especially well for film geeks or a couple who had their first date at the movies.

If that’s not the case for you and your fiance, that’s okay. Try finding an old theater that looks cool. Playful Props

Simple props can add color and character to any photo. Make your save the date photos more interesting with these prop ideas.

Balloons: Add a pop of color to you save the date photos with a bundle of vibrant balloons. Check out the fun balloon save the date photo below for inspiration.

save the date photo ideas
Simple square save the date by — featuring a happy couple holding a bundle of balloons, cast in an antique filter.

Rope: Hold a piece of knotted rope while sharing a kiss for a “We’re Tying the Knot” save the date photo.

Umbrellas: Umbrellas can add color, romance, and playfulness to any photo. Check out these creative umbrella save the date photo ideas for inspiration.

For an uber romantic photo, try holding the umbrella in front of you and your fiance while you kiss. If there’s enough light shining from behind the umbrella, your silhouette will show on the other side.

Rustic brown save the date by — featuring a couple under an umbrella, with a dark filter and bokeh accents.

Forced Perspective

Consider playing with distance and perspective to create images that trick the eye and the mind. You can use perspective in a photo to make things appear larger, smaller, closer, or farther than they really are. Here are some fun ways to incorporate this technique into your save the date photos.

An Aerial View: Setup a fun backdrop on the ground — it can be outside or indoors, whichever you prefer. After your backdrop is complete, lay on top of it and have your photographer start snapping photos.

If you’re planning to do it outside, you can use chalk to create a backdrop. Use chalk to create a colorful assortment of balloons, a blue sky and white fluffy clouds.

Lay on the ground, have your fiance position his or her hand so it looks as if he or she is holding the balloons. Lay just beneath them, hold their hand, and have your photographer take the photo — the photo should look as if your partner is floating away.

save the date photo ideas
Chalk mural save the date photo taken from above — featured on a simple modern save the date announcement by

Keep things simple with this option. Use the chalk to spell out a sweet message (like “Mary + Mike = Love”) above you and your fiance’s heads and the date of your wedding below your feet. You photo might turn out something like the photo above (only yours would be a full-body shot).

For more fun aerial save the date photo ideas, take a look at this Flying on Rooftops photo by Jen Bliss.

Cup of Love: If you happened to miss the viral baby mugging photos, check them out now! They are so adorable, and the same idea can be applied to your save the date photos.

Share Your Save The Date Photo Ideas!

Hopefully these creative save the date photo ideas inspire you to create truly original photos for your save the date announcements. For more great ideas, check out our Engagement Photo Ideas article.

Remember to think outside of the box! You only get one chance (hopefully) to take save the date photos! So try to make yours a true reflection of you and your fiance’s relationship, interests, and personalities!

If you have any creative save the date photo ideas you would like to share with us, please do via the comment section below!


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