Engagement Photo Ideas You Will Love

engagement photo ideas

Congratulations on your engagement! What could be more exciting than this special moment in life? You and your partner have taken your first steps towards a long committed life together. This is an occasion that can’t be missed — which is why organizing an engagement photo shoot will be one of the first things you and your partner do as a soon-to-be-married couple. Use these creative and fun engagement photo ideas to get inspired for your photo shoot!

engagement photo ideas

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Prepping For Your Shoot

Before scheduling an engagement photo shoot, you’ll want to do some research in order to get a feel for exactly what you want. Have an idea of where you would like to have your photos taken, what time of day you would like to shoot, and what you want your photos to say about you and your partner as a couple.

Consider including ideas, places, or hobbies you both love in your photos. For instance, if you both are passionate about surfing or swimming, you can have your photos taken at your favorite beach. If you both relish nature, have your photos taken at a park, lake, or natural locale. Are you both musicians? Snap a few photos together with your instruments.

You should also browse through a few photo albums (on Facebook or at home). Look for photos you love and, most importantly, photos you hate; put those photos aside and use them as guidelines for your photo shoot. Decipher which angles flatter your face and body and which hairstyles and outfits make you look wonderful. Give the photos to your photographer. They will help the photographer gain a grasp of what you’re looking for.

Engagement Photo Ideas: Setting

Where you want your engagement photos taken is a question you and your partner will need to decide on. Here are a few suggestions that you can use for inspiration.

engagement photo ideas

  • On the Water: Although this may make things a bit harder for the photographer, having your engagement photos taken aboard a small row boat will be super romantic and beautiful. Think The Notebook.
  • At the Park: Lush greenery will add a lot of life and color to your photos, so taking your photos at a nature reserve or park is not such a bad idea. To make things interesting, consider packing a picnic. Picnic engagement photo shoots are becoming more and more popular. A blanket, bottle of wine, and a colorful array of foods will give your photos an appetizing appearance and situate you and your partner in a natural and comfortable setting.
  • At the Beach: This is a great choice for nature lovers. The beach offers a variety of beautiful backdrops. You can have your photos snapped with rushing waves crashing behind you, or you can relax in the sand and capture a few easy sun-soaked snapshots. You can even try to catch a few shots of  you and your partner at the beach at sunset. To make your photos even better, consider writing a message in the sand — your name + your partner’s name will suffice, or compose your favorite romantic quote, the date of your engagement, or the date of your upcoming wedding.

  • Underwater: If you and your fiance are both avid swimmers, consider taking your engagement photos underwater. As strange as this may sound, underwater photo shoots are escalating in popularity. For more info on the subject, check out this beautiful underwater engagement photo shoot. Choose this setting if you want your photos to look out of this world.
  • City Landmarks: Whether you live in Seattle and have your photos taken in front of the International Fountain, the Space Needle, or Pikes Place Market, or you live in New York and have your photos snapped in front of the Brooklyn Bridge, your photos will look extra special and resonate a theme of identity and place.
  • On the Farm: Rustic photo shoots can be very romantic. Consider taking your engagement photos at your families or friend’s farm or ranch.
  • At the Station: Including a passing by train in your engagement photos will evoke thoughts of progress, strength, and old-fashioned romance. Simply incorporating train tracks will also add a rough and rugged affection to your photos and symbolize your long life ahead as a married couple.
  • On the Streets: Do you and your partner have a favorite piece of street art, graffiti, or perhaps a beloved city mural? Or, maybe you both adore a certain building for its architecture? If you and your partner love your city and what it’s made up of, consider having your engagement photos snapped within it

engagement photo ideas

Engagement Photo Ideas: Style & Themes

Choosing a theme for your photo shoot as well as a style of photography will give your photos more depth and originality. Consider including ideas and concepts you and your partner both enjoy into your photos. Here are few different themes and photography styles you can use to add a bit of character and charm to your engagement photos.

  • Retro or Vintage: Put a fun and unique vintage twist on your engagement photos by wearing retro duds, holding vintage props, and applying an antique filter upon your photos.
  • Black and White: Black and white photos have a timeless, classy appearance that will never go out of style.  With color out of the picture, black and white shots let the focus of the photos speak for themselves. The deep tones will give your photos an honest and dramatic look. You may not want all of your engagement photos to be done in black and white, but it’s a good idea to at least incorporate a few into your spread.

engagement photo ideas

  • Vibrant Color: If you and your partner love color, consider including an array of vibrant hues in your photos. Then, make things even brighter by playing with contrast and saturation. Check out this colorful engagement photo shoot that was shot in a field filled with bright yellow flowers. Bright colors will cast a playful, jubilant glow upon your engagement photos. Choose this theme if you want your photos to appear cheerful, lively, and full of spirit.

Good Luck and Congratulations!

Hopefully these engagement photo ideas give you the inspiration you need to create beautiful snapshots you’ll cherish forever. Remember to be creative and consider including scenery, props, and items that reflect your relationship and personalities. Then, check out our customizable wedding save the date announcements at WeddingPaperie.com. You will hold onto these photos for the rest of your lives so you will want them to be extraordinary! Good luck and congratulations!

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