Bridesmaids Theme Bridal Shower

If you saw the movie Bridesmaids, you probably still laughing at all the hilarity that ensued. If you are in charge of planning your best friend’s bridal shower, consider throwing a Bridesmaids-themed bridal shower – it would surely be a hit! There are many ways to incorporate the theme of the movie and you can pick and choose what elements you would like to include.  Here are some of our favorite ways to bring Bridesmaids to your bridal shower, from custom bridal shower invitations to party decor.

 Bridal Shower Party Invitations.  Since the theme of the shower in the movie was Paris, why not send our Parisian-themed bridal shower invitations?  Anything with pink and black and the Eiffel Tower would look perfect!

Black, Pink and Cream Damask bridal shower invitation by Wedding Paperie.
Black, Pink and Cream Damask bridal shower invitation by Wedding Paperie.

Party Decor.  You will definitely want to incorporate Parisian decor. Use black and white, light pink and other stylish, french-inspired decor. Have pink and black lace for the tables and beautiful white plates and pink and black balloons

Party Food. When Annie takes the bridesmaids to the sketchy Brazilian restaurant, everyone gets food poisoning- that’s not the part you want to recreate. But incorporating a few Brazilian dishes would be a delicious treat. You could also serve some French-inspired dishes too.

Pink Cupcake Bridal Shower invitation by Wedding Paperie.
Pink Cupcake custom bridal shower invitation by Wedding Paperie.

Dessert.  Serve decadent desserts including a chocolate fountain and petite fours. Choose the bride’s favorite French-inspired dessert too! Another fun element to include would be to serve pink jellybeans to represent the “happy pill” Annie takes on the airplane to relax.

Bridesmaid Dress Up.  Hit your local Goodwill or consignment store and purchase a few  “vintage” bridesmaid dresses. Have your guests take turns trying on these stylish dresses while you sip on some champagne.

Party Favors. So handing out real dogs isn’t really a good idea but, you could hand out cute golden retriever stuffed puppy favors for each guest.

You can have so much fun with these theme!  If you want, you could even play the movie at the party. Happy celebrating!


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