Bachelorette Party Planning Tips and Ideas

Pink City Fling Bachelorette Party Invitation

Bachelorette parties can be wild and crazy or tame and mellow. It’s really up to how the Maid of Honor (MOH) plans the event.  Of course she should keep in mind the temperament of the bride to be and as the MOH she likely has a good handle on what the bride would like best. You can start be setting the mood with fabulous bachelorette party invitations to get the girls in the right mindset for the bachelorette party fun.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Pink City Fling Bachelorette Party Invitation
Pink City Fling Bachelorette Party Invitation

Tips for planning Bachelorette Parties

1.  Have a designated driver.  Whether that means: party bus, limo, town car, bus, limo, taxi or pregnant bridesmaid, make sure you don’t sacrifice this for the sake of staying in budget.

2. Don’t go nuts with the penis theme. Yes, haha, a penis is funny. But must every little party food or favor be in the shape of a penis? No. Moderation is best, even for penis.

3. Make sure you take into account how the bachelorette would really like to spend her night out.  If she’s not into clubs and strippers, plan something suitable to her taste.  There are so many fun things to do! (Read on).

4. Plan the party a week or more before the wedding.  You all may time to recuperate.

5. Ask the bridal party to pitch in.  The MOH shouldn’t have to incur the entire cost of the ladies night.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

1. Hen and Rooster Couples Party.  Join forces with the Best Man and throw a spectacular couples bachelor/ette party.   Ask party goers to contribute by making it a potluck or split the catering fees with the groomsmen and bridesmaids. You can even start the evening at separate venues but end in the same place.  It’s a fun way to celebrate with the whole wedding party and all the couples’ friends.

2. Lingerie Party.  Throw a lingerie bachelorette party.  Start in the evening and make decadent desserts for everyone. Party goers can bring beautiful lingerie to shower the bride.  Serve a signature cocktail and sophisticated appetizers.  Then head out for a night on the town.

3. Pole Dancing.  For those brides who like a challenge, why not have a pole dancing class?  You can hire an instructor and have the party in your home.  Encourage guests to wear their stilettos and sexy clothes. After the class continue the fun with the bride’s favorite foods and drink and then head out for some dancing or stay in and have your own dance party.

4. Yoga. For the bride who would rather find her center than be the center of attention. Hire a yoga instructor to come and lead a class.  After, plan a light lunch or dinner and whatever low key fun the bride may want to do.

5. Spa Day.  Plan massages, facials, manis and pedis or any other spa service that sounds relaxing. A day to hang with the girls and be pampered sounds like a fantastic way to spend a bachelorette party.  After the spa, hit the bride’s favorite eatery for a delicious meal.

6. Casino.  Most casinos are outfitted with great restaurants, spas, shopping, hotel rooms and of course gambling.  If the bride to be likes to risk it all, considering staying at a casino for a fun filled weekend.

7. The Great Outdoors. If the bride is a nature lover, why not get the girls together for a camping trip or a day hike?  Or consider a canoe ride, kayak or river rafting adventure.

8. Cooking Class. For the culinary bride, either attend or arrange for a cooking class.  It’s a fun, low key way to celebrate and then you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

9. Drag Show.  Not for the light of heart.  Attending a drag show is a lot of fun but be prepared as no one in the crowd is safe from ridicule. It can be a fun way for the ladies to get in a lot of laughs.

10. Seeing Stars. Hire a physic or astrologer to come and read doing readings for the group.  It’s fun and you just might get a little insight into the future!

11. Tea for Two.  Or for however many guests!  Throw a traditional tea party or make reservations at a tea room.  Lovely tea sandwiches, delicious bite sized desserts and of course a little gourmet tea is perfectly perfect way to celebrate impending nuptials.

We hope you found some great Bachelorette party ideas to inspire your bachelorette party.

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