To add a background to your design, follow the steps below.



  1. Click on the Layout Tools tab at the top of the Design Center.
  2. Click the “+” symbol next to the “Backgrounds” panel. This will open the backgrounds panel.
  3. Click on the “Get Backgrounds” button.
  4. This will open the background library where you can search for and pick from a variety of backgrounds. In the search bar, enter a keyword to find a background you’re looking for. For instance, to find a kraft background, type “Kraft” and click the search button. All backgrounds that match the keyword you entered will appear. If you are not sure what to search for, you can enter the keyword “all” and all of the backgrounds available will appear.
  5. Once you find a background you like, simply click on the background image and a check mark will appear where you have clicked. You may click multiple backgrounds at a time. When you’re finished searching for backgrounds, click the “x” at the top-right corner of the pop up.
  6. Now all your chosen backgrounds should be on the left side of the Design Center in the Backgrounds panel.
  7. Click the “+” symbol on the background you wish to add to your design. This will place the background onto your design.
  8. In the backgrounds panel, you can click the”Clear Background” button to remove any background you don’t like.